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Our Role Towards Our Planet

Sustainability Strategy

"Responsibility Towards the Environment has been a long-standing commitment that has been embedded into the very fabric of our culture"
The role of the environment is crucial in the survival of society and the businesses. Therefore, it is extremely necessary on the part of businesses to conserve and protect the environment to ensure . Being a business entity with a legacy of 50 years in the market , we have taken our role towards the environment seriously. We believe that Environment concern and conservation is not only a responsibility but also the duty of every individual on this planet. This means that all humans have a moral duty towards our environment because in some way or the other we are harming our surroundings and the environment. Also, if a single effort can have such a huge change and benefit the environment in any way possible, then it is a very little gesture towards the environment. Keeping that in mind, Sunquick Lanka Pvt Ltd considers our environment an ingrained aspect of the organization process and hence strives to develop a sustainable existence for all stakeholder categories of the society through the different eco friendly initiatives. Furthermore, we can increase our positive impact by leveraging our influence to encourage eco friendly existence in the business which is vital to the brand equity, as customers increasingly scrutinize the environmental impact of their purchases.” Sarubima Project and the Eco friendly Plastic disposal are two major initiatives we carried out this year with our team. Thus we take pride in doing many such in the year 2022 despite the crisis situation in the country.
Our sustainability project at Adams Peak in February 2024
At Sunquick Lanka, we prioritize community engagement and strive to leave a positive impact wherever we go. This February, our team embarked on a remarkable Corporate Social Responsibility initiative that left a lasting impression. Sunquick Bibi Dansala at Adams Peak, this event provided essential refreshments to pilgrims during their visit to this sacred site, bringing smiles to their faces and warmth to their journey. Following this inspiring start, we launched a comprehensive cleaning campaign starting from Udamaluwa. This campaign underscores our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and community well-being. It's truly uplifting to witness the Sunquick Lanka team coming together for such impactful activities.
Sunquick Sarubima - "ටිකක් හිතමු හෙටක් පතමු"
With the theme “Think a little – Make a wish for a tomorrow”, Sunquick Sarubima was started in July, 2022. The objective of this initiative was to give a message highlighting the importance of sustainable farming, especially in these challenging times.

Everyone at Sunquick Lanka eagerly gathered together and helped in the cultivation of a land which is located behind the factory premises. Sludge from the water treatment plant is used as a fertilizer for this cultivation. Only a few weeks after the planting, the first harvest was collected with everyone’s participation. To this day, a continuous harvest from this project is being enjoyed by all the employees.
Plastic Recycling Project
Reduce-reuse-recycle is more than just a catchy mantra, rather it can form the basis of an effective strategy for avoiding plastic waste. For businesses of all sizes, avoiding unnecessary plastic consumption and switching to reusable materials is an important step when working towards an environmentally friendly future.

As people who are passionate about the environment, we are painfully aware of the impact plastic materials have on nature hence We at Sunquick Lanka Pvt Ltd made an agreement with Eco Spindles Ltd. , Sri Lanka’s largest plastics recycler to help them in collecting plastic bottles and use them in the manufacture of yarn using recycled plastics. Under this initiative we made 10 iron baskets and placed them in different places in the Western Province to collect plastic bottles for recycling, A helping hand to a greater course.
HRIS Implementation
With today’s technology advancements and society shifting toward sustainable living and green computing, we are better positioned to break free from paper document reliance and attempt to achieve the long-promised paperless workplace objective.

In an effort to become more sustainable, and tech savvy-in this fast paced world ,we are fortunate to shift to automated work culture which provides prompt access to information increasing efficiency in work . In November we went live in HRIS system implementation and here are few captures of it.