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Our Process

The procedure is set up to handle different package styles and processing methods for our items. The modern processing methods are totally automatic, and there are facilities to pasteurize or sterilize products without adding preservatives. Several packaging formats, including food grade glass, PET, and aseptic cartons like Tetra, are used to fill our products. These formats are distinctive and specially created for the types of our products developed by the R & D team, and they serve as a test bed for subsequent developments.

Integrated Management System Policy
Food safety and quality commitment
We are committed to achieving the highest possible standards in every aspect of our business activities providing the customer with an efficient service and quality products that are safe and wholesome. We continually improve our Integrated Management System through enhancing quality and safety of our products and implementing strong controls with the dedication of competent employees and the spirit of their teamwork.

Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental commitment
We are committed to prevention of pollution due to our activities and strive for the highest standard of occupational health while complying with the related legal and other requirements. The management team is committed to establishing and maintaining the organization and arrangements necessary to adhere to this policy statement.
We believe that technology is the key to long-term, business sustainability. Therefore, we integrate technologies that drive innovation and efficiencies across our processes. We use innovative technology and techniques while delivering unique flavors to you. Environmental friendly systems and recyclable materials are used in order to act upon Sunquick Lanka’s commitments towards the environment.
The process is designed in such a way that it can cope with multiple packaging formats and processing types of our products. The processing types currently in place are fully Automatic and facilities are available to pasteurize or sterilize them without preservatives in it. Deferent packaging formats of food grade glass, PET, and aseptic cartons such as Tetra are being used to fill our products are unique and specifically designed for the types of our products developed by the R & D team and is being served as a test bed for future developments.

Production areas are built to utilize standard amenities like steam, potable water treatment, steam, power and waste treatment and centralized to improve efficiency and ease of maintenance. Such methodology allows expansion, when required. Warehousing for raw materials and finished products are centralized and managed using a separate but integrated overall system. By utilizing such a system, traceability and logistic are vastly improved.
Product quality is a top priority in our manufacturing process. we strive in diagnosing the cause of the variation during production for the purpose of eliminating the cause of variation to make the product robust against the effect of the variation. In this context, product safety, exact dosing of the raw materials, monitoring of all critical process parameters, complete data recording that include cost awareness are important factors that we consider. The Company has invested in laboratories that specialize in microbiological, physical, and chemical parameters of products and raw materials, providing indicators of food safety and assuring product quality. By modernizing infrastructure and equipment used, we have been able to achieve more and more precise results, with increasingly faster analysis times.