Sunqucick Lanka was honored with a Merit Award, recognizing it as one of the top 15 business entities in the Extra-Large Category at the recently concluded CNCI ACHIEVER AWARDS – 2023. This prestigious event, held at the Hotel Galadari and attended by more than 400 participants, served as a testament to the company’s remarkable achievements.

This accomplishment is attributed to the dedicated cross functional team that supported the application process and the visionary leadership behind Sunqucick Lanka.

The CNCI ACHIEVER AWARDS – 2023 is an annual event masterminded by the Ceylon National Chamber of Industries (CNCI), the leading industrial chamber in the nation. Its fundamental goal is to nurture industrial growth in the country by bestowing recognition and accolades upon industrialists who have demonstrated outstanding excellence in various facets of their business operations. These facets encompass areas such as quality standards, productivity, employee well-being, labor relations, environmental stewardship, and social responsibilities, among others.